The Goal

Delving into poetry in particular, I use this medium as a way of exploring the significance and power associated to personal experiences, past memories, and using the exceptional beauty of words, to share, comfort, encourage and inspire others who might be able to relate or take special meaning from universal feelings, desires or inspirations; negative and positive experiences alike.

My motive is to not only hope to inspire others to communicate whatever needs communicating, but acceptance of personal feelings and a celebration of what strength we have but ignore. I am currently a volunteer for a number of projects and companies exploring awareness, and support strategies for those with mental health concerns in particular, as a sufferer of clinical depression myself, and knowing my own story I hope to provide a voice to those in need of recognition.

This is not about encouraging myself, but helping those intricate people who don’t know how to voice themselves, their feelings, their desires or dreams, about feeling more comfortable with self-awareness and acceptance of themselves through hopefully relating to my work.

Knowing and accepting my own story has encouraged me to share this openly today, instead of folding into myself in the dark. We all have a story, it’s something lyrical that we all possess and it can be shaped in infinite ways. Stories are so important; they define, shape, intrigue and add to our individuality. We read them to children before they sleep, yes? So why not use an action this powerful to talk and share about equally insightful and courageous journeys we’ve been part of.

So let’s start the conversation. About anything, with anyone, in anyway you know how to make the words come…