Hi there!

My name is Tamara Fraser and I’m a university student/young writer hoping to be able to communicate and share my pieces with those I feel would appreciate and enjoy this creative outlet as much as I do.

My work is unique and it is raw, so be warned. Everything I have written has a part of my life story attached to it, my feelings bundled into words; expressions. These are the places I’ve seen, the people I forgive, the people I loved or still do, and the obstacles I’ve overcome alone. This is not about encouraging myself, but helping those intricate people who don’t know how to voice themselves, their feelings, their desires or dreams.

“I place my heart in your hands as you take a journey alongside me. You can trace the challenges we’ve met and fought and won with me if you like. I want to be the safe place when you need some rest from your world, but also be the shelter you seek when you need support. I want to make these words something more than just literary art. They should be more than an illusion but tangible and real. I want to make my struggles mean something, not to myself, but for others to take what they need from. I wish to make these words much more than letters, turn of phrase, but actual personal speech, my actual vulnerability and heart laid bare, to support us all explore vulnerability together.”

So let’s start the conversation. About anything, with anyone, in anyway you know how to make the words float out, better placed in the light and air and absorb strength from them, not hurt.
Tamara xx