Our Insecurities – Men (photoshoot)


We all have them. The degrees to which they affect us all varies from person to person but the notion as a whole is something we can all relate to; whether they’re ingrained into your personality, or are a construct of the the way in which society and the community around you tells you how you should be.

Prior to this photo shoot we asked men we know about their insecurities, to see what specifically they were insecure about. Those that answered provided an interesting insight into the variety of ways men feel insecure and particularly ostracised about opening up to them. Answers ranged from the way in which men perceive themselves to societal expectations placed on men, which accounts for a significant amount of the answers we received. Interestingly a significant percentage of the men asked were either uncomfortable to answer or gave flippant answers to the question posed to them of what were their specific insecurities.

Our photoshoot and following piece aim to address that it’s alright to have insecurities; it’s totally alright to talk about your insecurities. They’re not to be ignored in the hope they’ll go away. Have an open conversation about them and address them in a healthy manner. As well as this, we hope to highlight the media’s influence on our perception of ourselves and how we should be as a person, both internally and externally.




*Model- Bailey Rodrigues*
*Photography- Hannah Robertson*
*Written piece- Bailey Rodrigues*





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