Our Insecurities – Men (photoshoot)


We all have them. The degrees to which they affect us all varies from person to person but the notion as a whole is something we can all relate to; whether they’re ingrained into your personality, or are a construct of the the way in which society and the community around you tells you how you should be.

Prior to this photo shoot we asked men we know about their insecurities, to see what specifically they were insecure about. Those that answered provided an interesting insight into the variety of ways men feel insecure and particularly ostracised about opening up to them. Answers ranged from the way in which men perceive themselves to societal expectations placed on men, which accounts for a significant amount of the answers we received. Interestingly a significant percentage of the men asked were either uncomfortable to answer or gave flippant answers to the question posed to them of what were their specific insecurities.

Our photoshoot and following piece aim to address that it’s alright to have insecurities; it’s totally alright to talk about your insecurities. They’re not to be ignored in the hope they’ll go away. Have an open conversation about them and address them in a healthy manner. As well as this, we hope to highlight the media’s influence on our perception of ourselves and how we should be as a person, both internally and externally.




*Model- Bailey Rodrigues*
*Photography- Hannah Robertson*
*Written piece- Bailey Rodrigues*





An Ocean Dance At Twilight

A warmth I can’t equate

to anything that

blossomed and I could touch as real

in my life to date.

Watching an ocean dance at twilight,

shifting and settling into myself;

a return home

after a long retreat.

Filled as much as one can,

living in a partly broken glass.


A warmth I can’t equate,

that smile that kept the streetlights,

still humming on their own,

late at night.

An absolute joy,

to see me,

that kept the sands still and made

the waves unafraid to keep crashing on.

The light brightening settling eyes,

on me,

like the happiest moment

of any day,

is when I’m right there,

walking along your way.


A warmth I can’t equate,

settled side by side

wrapped in fresh air and

twinkling planets high above,

breathing down a clear night,

on souls forever fixed

in an achingly sweet moment;

watching paths cross,

almost collide,

with words of love and loyalty,

grace, beauty, adoration, bliss,

transfixed on the glimmering promise

of single coloured roses

as gifts

for a sweet girl

you say

and a whimsical romanticism not dead.


A warmth I can’t equate,

how unearthly beautiful

you let me feel

in your eyes;

love professed on empty beaches,

showered attention on a

long-time lonely girl

you melted and folded

into a goddess.

Love professed

for a patched-up

lady singing melodies,

and holding herself together

with decisions scorching her back,

confused nettles of feelings and

obligations, allowances,

grievances and sadness

bearing a weight on her slender shoulders;

She’s a creature holding aloft all the

wonders and hearts of decisions left to face.


A warmth I can’t equate,

as I am

the protagonist always

failing to make the right decision,

lost and redeemed and burdened

in every instalment;

no one has made me feel as wondrous

and special,

in all the times I’ve had lovers sit before me.

But this protagonist,

has not had the greatest

trove of romances, nor the heart

to carry much more fears;

pieces are given away,

in every extended touch and heartbeat,

so please beware,

what’s left.


A warmth I can’t equate,

right now, lost in every state,

but hope I can at least reciprocate,

in some way after healing has mended

and stitched

and time has played it’s course to warm cold feet.

This lady is afraid,

of how quickly you might have fallen,

for all her wise, sad songs.

A sweet, unsettling fantasy made reality.


But she knows.

Of this warmth.

No one can really equate.


*Artwork by Quibe-Close Noir Art Print*