I Saw You With Someone Else

Hours of staying up, contemplating

you missing me.

Eyes crying blood all over the floor.

My chest grew smaller, an engine room

with the pressure vandalised and turned too high.

Fuzzy vision and lungs not filling; not soaking

themselves with air.

I can’t breathe.

Why is it so cold?

Drunk on sadness;

it permeates my skin

making everything loose and intangible;

my bedsheets become suffocating surf,

rolling and crying and sick

alone on misty rocks.

The next step could be the cliff.

I saw you with a another girl today

How numbing it is to know you are definitely ok,

More than fine,

when all I crave is to know and see

pain and misery bleeding from your wounds too.

It isn’t selfish;

because I need to know if you felt something.

If you had felt anything as you delivered your

sorry, good bye.

I need to know why I suddenly wasn’t enough.

Maybe I gave too much to you,

and you were’t ready for it.

But maybe it was you.

You pictured a future

together, saying you had never felt this way before,

about anyone;

until you woke trembling, sweating one morning

realising the cruel hoax your heart played on you; as a fool

you listened.

And as a fool you made me crawl along at your knees.

As a fool you blindly made me fondle in the dirt for something

that proved to me you loved me.

Truly and deeply meant the promises you said.

That the words which passed your lips

were sacred, gospel and bathed in love.

But you fooled yourself.

And it was despicable for you to fool me.

I saw you with another girl.

How does it feel, wondering how I know and feel?

Or do you believe I’ve forgotten you?

Snap of the fingers, forged a new grove beside

someone else on the waiting list.

I’ve been with another man.

Though you haven’t seen it.

Perhaps even two.

Come and go in the life you always knew.

I don’t wish to hurt you,

but moving on means I have to.

I have to drive a knife beneath your skin

and watch you contort in pain.

Just like I did then.

*Artwork by Leonid Afremov- WordPress*


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