Lean On Me First

The smell of fresh rain,

perfumes the evening breeze outside;

a soft scent carried along by the clouds.

The coloured blush of flowers still

open to the gentle beat of raindrops.

Come with me and be still;

be calm and languid, supple and

warmed by the glow of company.


Let me strip you of your wet clothes.

I can see the light has waned.

Embrace me before you crumble;

arms outstretched,

a reflex to stop you hurtling down

to your knees.

I can feel you, a cold lake inside;

freezing over.


You say you are tired.

So tired of seeing me morph,

into your soldier.

I take up arms at the first signal.

But I don’t mind being in uniform;

at the first sign of your need.

Because I do love you,

in all your shapes and transfigurations.

In all your depths and dark pockets,

lighter days and mysterious vanishes.

I know this is true, I do love you.


You say you are a burden.

A burden you are not responsible for

manifesting on rainy mornings and

shady afternoons.

You are unpredictable; as gentle and ferocious

as nature.

But I don’t mind.

I tackle the excitement, mount the climbs;

I love knowing you can awaken from your

stupor, can ensure you always return to where

you deserve to be.

Bathed in light, laughter;

capable of all the things the true

monsters roaming this life can be, do, feel.

If those devils are entitled, I can make sure

you are too.


I wage war on your enemy; that nasty essence

defusing it’s toxicity.

It may take more of me than I have ever


more energy and strength,

more resilience to push through dark shadows,

fighting through imprisoned demons,

pulling away from sharp nails and dirtied hands.

But you don’t deserve those shackles.


Not everybody can do this;

can constantly seek new ways of breaking chains.

But don’t go to sleep believing I can’t.

I already have broken them,

many times over.

Or you simply wouldn’t exist today, at my feet.

And neither would I exist to fight for you, as I do.


*Artwork unknown*


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