I am enraptured.

Holding you like I want to absorb you through

my skin;

You holding me tight keeps me warm from the night.

You calm the fear, awaken the spirit, without even realising

the electric charge you make in me.


I don’t need to feel insecure with you.

I don’t need to be my worst enemy, punishing myself

from dank corners.

I don’t need to remind myself of icy touches, meaningless frenzies, pressured

to feel vulnerable in the dark.

I don’t need to feel hunted, I know I don’t deserve to be dangerously pursued.

I don’t need to wait for the sharp strokes of daggers against my skin the more

we consume each other.

I know I’m safe to wait; I know it’s perfect as it is, building up for more.


You envelope me like a warm dream,

cozy, perfect, vivid, deep;

I can feel your pulse, a soft hum,

playing beneath me.

It quickens as we fall deeper into each other’s arm,

a tighter wrap, a closer kiss than before.

Is it possible to feel so calm with someone?

Is it real for me to see stars and tepid colours, the streets and lights of

the city anew, knowing I can kiss your cheek and

slip my fingers through yours, holding tight.

Bundled in your gaze,

I know i’m doing everything as I was meant to.


Kiss and play,

run and sweep,

into each other;

heart and hands,

eyes and roaming lips, soaking in each others’ terrain.

We draw deeper into each other,

Why do I feel so safe?

Don’t make me let you go, don’t make me embrace my soul;

cold chips, broken shards;

blackened and scorched as the wasted plains of my heart.

Please fill me.

Whatever you do, don’t let me go.


*Artwork by Sheri Howe- “Enraptured”*


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