The Phoenix

a shimmer,

a jagged edge, a blade of deep orange

piercing through the darkest blanket of sky.

glowing warm and bright,

tendrils of russet, gold, and light


like silk

through glorious wings, graceful


majestic and deadly.

Glowing hot,

fire spreads along your body,

branches from wings

embraces the night and curls upward,

elegant arcs,

licking flames,

bird in flight ablaze with heat.

your movements are swift,


creatures kneel before your eyes,

agile and graceful you are.


you blaze the brightest in the dark.

you scorch the earth and rise in each coming dawn.

you swoop and rise, a dance all your own.

you unfurl and embrace the horizon.

you burn hot despite the cold.

you glide above reach, climbing mountains and melting ice,

floating free of all vice.


one thing you mustn’t forget.

your flame is eternal, it hides your pain and tears,

it fills you,

it outlines your strengths, builds your beauty, strengthens your limbs.

there is no sky you cannot reach.

there is no darkness you cannot light.

you will never lose this essence.

no matter what fate you chase; world that breaks; flight that falters; wounds you take; night that

lasts; shadows that rise; voids that fill; dreams you make…

you will always burn best within yourself.

your wings will always branch out to catch you.

he will never take that from you.

he will never douse your fire.


you are fire.

so blaze ferociously.

burn and shine.


*Art by Tom Wood – fantasy art*


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