Running With The Wolves

An open field,

dark and wild,

moonlight stretches its limbs across the rippling grass.

The crash of water, pounding against the rocks and snow,

the cliff edge far away, being broken away.

The water beats its familiar tattoo, sending animals into hiding.


but not you.

A shadow, a crude outline.

My skin prickles at the sight of you, prowling around the moonlight.

Thick fur of raised spikes,

flexed limbs and graceful lines,

a low growl locked behind sharp teeth,

held head high whilst dagger-sharp eyes,

lock with mine.


I see the storm inside.

a tumultuous ocean encased in your eyes.

all the rage and power and mightiness

of nature, desire, hunger.

I feel no fear, lost in your confident gaze,

even as curved claws rake the stones you climb towards me.

The wind that disturbs the plain holds no design over you.


Energy, hot blood and ruthless snarls, you own the land;

you hold the night still in your focus.

A rough, raw and deadly sight to your vulnerable prey

hunger drips from your jaws,

sold, finite, swift and searching.

communicating with

your eyes;


You have found me.


I see you.

what do you crave?

A respite from bitter loneliness?

a remedy to your curse?

you struggle with the demons you carry. I can see.

so real your tender scars like lace on rough skin.

But you

are strong.

true wildness will never be contained.

you belong to no one, nor thing;

your first allegiance lies with yourself.

the blood coursing through your veins, a red river flowing like mine.

tight and bundled inside, waiting to run and chase and feel

the thrill





Come with us.

Let us teach you.

Let yourself unravel and embrace the warm sting of strength,

Open yourself to howl, to stalk and to roam the wilds and the nights.

well, I’m waiting…


A hot burst, lean and agile, springing forth.

I run.

I bolt towards your challenging eyes.

I leap.

The change takes hold, ripping back my skin,

my form shifts;

black fur, as dark as a starless sky, traces my body;

canines sharpen as they bite my lips,

legs strengthen, limbs lengthen,

my back arches, spine transforming.

Vision is crisp, bright; I can see everything that is truly lurking in the night.


I land at your feet and rise to your height.

you growl, hot breath in my face.

I howl in return, a sharp cry lingering to silence the rest of the dark.

I am in communion with you.

alongside our nature, our ambitions, our wants.

We run.

Icy breeze, whipping and gliding along our fur.

No terrain frightens me. No movements shock me. The cold no longer burns me.

We run wild.

We run wild and free.


*Artwork by Liza Lambertini- “Running With Wolves”*


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